Are you having trouble at your home or business? Do you have unexplained noises, scents, feelings of fear in certain rooms, things moving or disappearing? Or have you recently moved to a new location and would like a blessing done on the building? I can help! I work directly with Archangel Michael to clean and clear any unwanted energy or visitors from your space, and can help you feel more safe and secure in your environment. I use a multi step system with crystals, herbs, sage and/or palo santo, and Reiki symbols drawn using holy water to seal and bring light into the location. During this process I will also be opened up to spirit to get to the source of the issue and help you to understand what/who is creating the problem and how to maintain your space in the highest light possible moving forward.  

What to expect when you book me for a house clearing and/or blessing.

  To begin as you walk me through your space we will go over any incidents that have occurred and I will be also open to spirit communication at that time to gain insight and clarity about who, what, and where the primary issues are. I will then go back through the location with protection herbs and white sage or Palo Santo, depending on the situation, clearing all unwanted energy from the locale. While administering to this I will be closing any portals and removing any attachments as well. Once this stage is complete I will walk the property again drawing Reiki symbols in holy water on all doors and windows to ensure the flow of light remains and the denser energies cannot re-enter. After these processes are finished, I will sit down with you, discuss what I found, what needed to be done, and give suggestions to help you maintain your space using easy to understand and implement remedies like:

  • How to use crystals to maintain your sacred space, what you need and how to get it
  • Simple and easy smudging
  • How to avoid bringing home unwanted energies picked up in our day to day lives

NOTE: I am currently not offering these services regularly